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Engineering is getting a makeover.

Gone are the days of pocket-protectors and engineers with a reputation for being "nerds." Engineering in the 21st century is chic, altruistic, interpersonal, team-oriented and multidisciplinary.

Female engineers are adding a different touch to products all around us. And a degree in engineering can lead to a career in diverse areas such as law, medicine, business and other professions. New flexible degree programs allow students to combine engineering with other programs that match their individual interests.

Step into the new world of engineering with the Gender Parity Initiative. It's high heels AND high tech.

"We want women to look at an engineering degree as not something that pigeon-holes them into being engineers of old, but rather as something that opens doors of opportunity
for them."

-Betsy Willis, Ph.D.
Director, the Gender Parity Initiative

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